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Camouflage backpack TOKIO - Rosenstaub
Camouflage Backpack by Rosenstaub

Handmade Neoprene Bags

Skillfully crafted in our ateliers in Italy and Germany and designed with a vibrant courage of our own. Our methods keep local craft alive, while our combinations of offbeat materials and colours play at the edges of classical norms.

3 Reasons to love our bags

A look is not enough

Rosenstaub was born of craft and color. It is our mission to meticulously source materials and the best manufacturers from across Europe. Together we explore edgy twists in the detail and concepts of our collections. We believe in three things: The skill, soul and invaluable social importance of local industry and small batch production. Ours will remain a German brand with a global reach, and local manufacturing. With each belief at the heart of every decision, we support our teams’ work, as we join a new wave of brands setting new standards for a culturally rich future built on people, integrity and courage.

A woman has to be able to rely on her bag.

Aside from the ethical reasons for the way we do things, our bags are made strong with soft, yet hard-wearing neoprene and always feature a pink inner lining. A woman must be able to rely on her bag! This is where she carries her passport, car keys, lipstick and diary. Her identity, her independence, her style and life is carried in and embodied by her bag.

Claudia Weingarte - Founder of Rosenstaub

Designer Profile - Claudia Weingarte

In the independent German design-journal COLD PERFECTION Claudia talks about what makes a good design, what sets Rosenstaub products apart, where she draws her inspiration from and what she hopes to achieve in the future.

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